Best graphics card for under 60 pounds?

Answer You'll probably want to increase your budget just slightly. The best card UNDER that price is probably a GDDR3 version of the GeForce GT220.…But the Radeon... Read More »

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Best graphics card for under $250?

The hd 7870 sells for $259.99 (many different models) at, I'd spend the extra $10 for it. I wouldn't get anything other than the hd 7850 for under $250.Here's a performance comparison on... Read More »

Best graphics card for under 170$ USD?… this is a GTX 650 Ti, and is a really nice card, and can play most games on near high or high settings.

What's the best Graphics Card I could get for under £250?

Forget the synthetic benchmarks like G3D and Passmark, forget pixel/texel ratings, those often do NOT translate into real-word performance! Buying the cards which perform best on benchmark test s... Read More »

Good Graphics Card under $100?

If you want the best cards for the price then you should check out Radeon HD cards, best i can think of is:-Radeon HD 6670 DDR3 for around 80$-Radeon HD 7750 for around 100$but if you can get a lit... Read More »