Best foods to eat while high?

Answer Yaay! absolutely wonderful = ))I recommend getting a bunch of different finger foods, pizza rolls, chicken nuggets, mini tacos, nachos, chips, etc.And for drinks, its always nice to have some liquo... Read More »

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What are the best foods to eat while breastfeeding?

Answer lots of everything! avoide oranges and alcohol and veg from the brassica family. find out more on Answer: Oatmeal and Gatorade are known for helping to increase milk supply. Other... Read More »

What are is the best high fiber foods to help weight loss ?

The skin of cucumber, potatoes, pear and apple have a lot fiber. Also, it is on pineaple (with this fruit you urine a lot so it can help you to reduce weight), raspberries, banana and orange. . A... Read More »

I would like to know what type of foods are best for your immune system while Im going through chemo?

FML. i just wrote like an essay & deleted my tab!!! okay lets try this agian...Okay so, in my opinion the pink dude who answerd after me is hella right. Juice fasting is an excellent way to get the... Read More »

What is the best high blood pressure medication to take while pregnant?

On One Hand: Methyldopa Has Been Shown To Be SafeMethyldopa is prescribed to combat high blood pressure, and according to, several studies have been conducted on the effects of the Methyl... Read More »