Best eye shadow colours for blue eyes?

Answer Well i have blue eyes, And the only colours that suit are actually, Brown, silve and black and blue. I try to blend it a lot so Blue i try blend with a light blue and a darker blue which makes them... Read More »

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Which colours go best with blue eyes, blonde hair & pale skin!?

Go with brown eyeshadow, but black mascara. Stay in the pinks with lips, and cheeks can be pink or brown/mauvish, depending on the look you want. I have super pale skin and blue eyes too. Thats how... Read More »

How to Know What Make up Colours to Wear for Blue Eyes?

See as these blue eyes really pop when using silver or grey eye shadowBlue eyes after all, are tranquillizing and gorgeous to behold. Your makeup should enhance your beautiful blue eyes, not hide t... Read More »

What eye shadow suits greeny blue eyes ?

browns and purples. you can use a brown color as a base, smudge some purple into your crease, and use a lighter or brighter color on your inner corner like gold. that's one of my favorite looks and... Read More »

How do I make my eyes look smokey what colours are best for this?

Smoky eyes give maximum impact with minimum effort. A simple sweep of grey (we love Bobbi Brown's eye shadows in charcoal and slate, £13.50) across the lids and lightly blended outwards, a slick o... Read More »