Best exercise for overweight person?

Answer they say swimming and biking is the best

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How to exercise when you are overweight and embarrassed?

Buy a treadmill or exercise bike.Do situps during commercials, or before you go to sleep.Run or bike at night or early in the morning.Go for long walks (nothing flubbs around if you're just walking... Read More »

How to Photograph an Overweight Person?

Frontal view, not a good lookIf you are overweight, or taking photographs of someone who is, you might need to know what you can do to alleviate the appearance of their weight. Read this article to... Read More »

How Does an Overweight Person Find Clothes That Fit?

Each academic year, high school principals review and renew their goals for the school. For first-year principals, the idea of setting educational goals for an entire high school can seem intimidat... Read More »

Can a person do exercise after a c section?

Not for a very long time. You cannot do any exercising or strenous activity, lifting objects more than 8 pounds, or even walking up stairs for at least a few weeks or how long your doctor says: if ... Read More »