Best electronic store - Circuit City, Best Buy, Fry's or Radio Shack?

Answer I would say best buy because their prices have always been the same online and in the store. Also, Circuit City just went out of business.

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Now that CompUSA, Goodguys an Circuity City have fallen, what is the best electronic store out there?

I would say Best Buy and Ultimate Electronics but there is also places like Wal-Mart or Target, depends on your choice

Circuit City or Best Buy?

Watch the sale papers from both stores. Especially if it's last years model. One store will beat the others price, and they're a lot cheaper than a camera store.

Best Buy or Circuit City?

It really depends on the store. I like the Best Buy near me because there is never a shortage of sales people. They are friendly, helful and for computers they have the GEEK SQUAD.When things go on... Read More »

Which is better best buy or circuit city?