Best electronic store - Circuit City, Best Buy, Fry's or Radio Shack?

Answer I would say best buy because their prices have always been the same online and in the store. Also, Circuit City just went out of business.

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What kind of store is RAdio Shack?

Radio Shack (a division of Tandy Leather) was the first retail store for everything computer, audio/video and electronic components - they were there before the Bestbuys, Future Shops, Circuit City... Read More »

Can you buy something at one radio shack store&return it to another?

A customer can return an item purchased at a Radio Shack store to any Radio Shack store, and should bring the original packaging and receipt. Certain items purchased online cannot be returned to a... Read More »

With all the store closings going on, how has Radio Shack lasted so long?

That is a very good question. Those other two places you mentioned should still be here instead of Radio Shack. I have long thought the same thing as you about them and other members of my family ... Read More »

Now that CompUSA, Goodguys an Circuity City have fallen, what is the best electronic store out there?

I would say Best Buy and Ultimate Electronics but there is also places like Wal-Mart or Target, depends on your choice