Best drink to mix with Vodka :) thanks .?

Answer Plain vodka goes with anything.. and I do mean anything haha.. any kind of juice, pop....

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Is vodka and red-bull a "mans" drink or a womens drink.. I was just wondering... lol...?

How to Drink Vodka?

In its homeland of Russia, vodka is considered one of life’s greatest pleasures. Now you can enjoy your vodka in the traditional Russian way – just remember to drink responsibly.

Is this a lot of vodka to drink?

Assuming you're in the UK, that's just under 3 standard shots, which isn't a lot. Might make you a little bit tipsy, depending on your tolerance, but its certainly not enough to be dangerous

What is a good drink to mix with vodka?

Fresh smooth orange juice. Seems to be anything thats going at our house, I think Lilt and vodka genrally goes down quite well.