Best double a batteries?

Answer If you are using AA batteries in a digital camera, you will save a ton of money by buying rechargeable Nickle Metal Hydride (NI-Mh) batteries. You can charge them over and over again. If you do n... Read More »

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Can you throw away double-AA lithium batteries?

Yes (with some exceptions)There are no US federal laws or regulations prohibiting it. However, it is possible a State law would prohibit it.It may also be against your contract with the garbage com... Read More »

What tactical flashlight uses double A batteries?

The Sentinel PL1-AA by Blackhawk Products Group is an example of a tactical flashlight using two AA batteries. It comes in black, with a weight of 3.88 ounces and a length of 6.3 inches. Maximum ou... Read More »

What size power adapter would be used for a cordless water pump that takes two double A batteries?

it depends how the batteries are connected. if you put the batteries both in positive side up you probably have a 1.5 volt system. if you put one battery positive side up and one down you probabl... Read More »

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