Best dock for windows 7?

Answer rocketdock would be good. maybe there are others that are better, which some other people think. but sure you could give this a try first and see if you like it. good luck.

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How to Make a Dock for Microsoft Windows (No Downloads)?

Tired of that cluttered desktop or just want a dock rather than a desktop? And you don't want to download RocketDock or other third-party software, because of all the viruses and trojan horses in t... Read More »

What does dock mean?

To dock something is to cut of it's tail. it's done to lambs in spring for hygiene and was done to the corgi. fortunately for it, the corgi accepted the change and thus has no proper tail.

Why would you use an apple dock?

What is yellow dock?

Yellow dock (Rumex crispus ) is a small, leafy plant that grows wild throughout the world. It belongs to the buckwheat or Polygonaceae family. It has yellowish-brown roots, which accounts for its c... Read More »