Best digital camera for 150 dollars?

Answer Here's an answer I gave with to someone who had a similar question -Try Fuji, Panasonic, Olympus, Sony in addition to Canon and Nikon. They're all good brands. You should also think about size, wei... Read More »

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What is the best digital camera for 150 Dollars?

Best Digital Camera for 150 Dollars Canon Powershot A540 . You can find them for around $125 now I recommend CANON A720. It is my favorite digital camera with its all options.i recommend canon a560... Read More »

What digital camera should I buy that is under 200 dollars?

It really depends on what sort of pictures/video you are wanting to shoot. Nearly all digitals (and certainly any in the near-$200 range) will import to a computer. There are many online sites dev... Read More »

What is the best digital camera for under sixty dollars?

Answer There is no good digital camera for under $60. You will regret the purchase after you see the results. Save some more money and you can get a decent camera for around $150. Here are some tip... Read More »

Whats a digital camera worth getting under 100 dollars?

Please consider using ebay. Last years 200$ camera is now a 70$ camera on ebay. They work nice. Stick with name brand usually. Or ask your friends and find one like theirs on ebay.