Best computer typing font?

Answer There's lots to choose from when it comes to expressing your personal style, but the best one for your computers "health" if you will, lol (sorry, that was dorky) is Font: Arial Size: 12 It's what... Read More »

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How to Practice Typing on a Computer Keyboard?

Since the invention of the personal computer in 1975, the ability to have excellent typing skills is a necessity for most people. Most, if not all, schools teach some form of keyboarding class to a... Read More »

My computer is typing backwardsAnyone know why?

hi mate i have only ever seen this problem once before and it derives from either spyware infection or a error in a java applet however spyware is more than likely your problem,r... Read More »

Why does my computer is typing a message on its own?

Is 50 words per minute a lot Typing on the computer keyboard?

Depends on the number of mistakes you make. If that is error free, you are doing great.