Best children's books to inspire veganism?

Answer False no book in itself is a safe-proof way to make somebody think of veganism, ask people who were turned vegan because of a book & you'll find the books vary but the common factor is seeing a dif... Read More »

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Childrens books for gifts?

Fast Food by Saxton FreymannHow Are You Peeling by Saxton FreymannJamberry by Bruce Degan (can get in small board book)Silly Sally by Audrey Wood (can get in small board book)Any Dr. Seuss books (c... Read More »

What are some of the best arguments you've heard against veganism?

I haven't heard many "good" ones, haha. But some I've heard, regardless, are:* Need the nutrients from meat/dairy/eggs.* Meat tastes good.* Vegetarianism/veganism is too hard.* Vegetarian/vegan die... Read More »

What is best the htc inspire or iPhone 4S?

There are many ways you can purchase an iPhone. If buying from new you can purchase outright from any good mobile phone outlets that sell the handsets. You can purchase over time with taking a rent... Read More »

Which is the best 5.1 channel home theatre system under 10k .. sony base model or creative inspire or iball?

iball is cheap and not good. Creative are very good but basically pc speakers. Sony is good but not the bang for buck purchase.@kevin,10k means 10000rupees ( 180 dollars approx )