Best children's books to inspire veganism?

Answer False no book in itself is a safe-proof way to make somebody think of veganism, ask people who were turned vegan because of a book & you'll find the books vary but the common factor is seeing a dif... Read More »

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Childrens books for gifts?

Fast Food by Saxton FreymannHow Are You Peeling by Saxton FreymannJamberry by Bruce Degan (can get in small board book)Silly Sally by Audrey Wood (can get in small board book)Any Dr. Seuss books (c... Read More »

Raw veganism?

What is allowed: Anything that hasn't been heated over 116 degrees. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fresh juices, and anything you can make from them...generally these should account for at least... Read More »


it also says not to judge others but you obviously skipped that part :)

How does your veganism tie in with your religion?

Interesting question.I'm a Catholic. And a vegan. In the Book of Genesis we start out as vegetarians. God gives us all the vegetation we care to consume. The animals are our companions at that poin... Read More »