Best chicken tender meat substitute?

Answer You became a vegetarian, who do not eat meat by definition. But you still want to eat meat?Why are you vegetarian and trying to find a "meat subsitute" which is frequently more processed than eatin... Read More »

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Can I substitute canned chicken broth for chicken stock in a recipe?

yesbroth is from meatstock is from bones... more gelatin and deeper tastesome tips ive read when using broth:-buy low-sodium broth. then add salt to-taste-you can enhance broth by simmering it wit... Read More »

How Can I Make Bear Meat Tender?

Wild game can be challenging to prepare if you are unfamiliar with the techniques necessary to properly tenderize and cook it. Bear meat, for example, can be tenderized in a variety of ways to prod... Read More »

For chinese cooking, what's the best way to cook moist and tender chicken?

How to Use Mushrooms As a Meat Substitute?

Whether you are trying to eat less meat or simply more vegetables, it is easy to substitute mushrooms for meat in many dishes. With their firm texture and savory taste mushrooms can be an ideal, he... Read More »