Best camera for travelling?

Answer Don't get hung up on zoom, I bet you don't need more than 5x as much as you think. There are other pitfalls when you zoom (learn what f/5.9 is) increasing your chances of blurry photos.For that pr... Read More »

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Travelling from Lucerne to Lugano, what are my best options?

If you act fast, there's a Supersaver Ticket available for as little as 22 CHF!

Which model is the best digital camera for travelerswhich is the best camera Sony or canon?

Canon is always best for photography teacher says. Although, I own a Sony. One of those thin ones (I forget what model)...and that sure is great for traveling! You can put it in ... Read More »

What i sthe differnece between a point and shoot camera and digital camera, which is best for quality and?

Hello,There are acutually a few different types of cameras. A point and shoot is the easiest way to take pictures. It is a camera that literally does all the guess work for you. Most have differ... Read More »

Is the gopro hero camera the best camera for its price or are there competitors that have better cameras?

There are many cameras that do similar things that the GoPro line can do, however, the GoPro is unique in one very important respect. It comes with an almost indestructible, waterproof housing that... Read More »