Best brand digital camera?

Answer I would say canon is the best type but sony, Panasonic, ECT are good to. It depends what features your looking for. If you are looking for a camera that makes pictures not shaky then I would recomm... Read More »

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Which digital camera brand would you say is the best and why?

I agree that Canon and Nikon are the best companies. They make cameras. Not like Casio, samsung, or sony. They are dedicated camera companies. Anyways I think anything Canon is great. they have cam... Read More »

What is the best brand for a digital camera.?

What brand of digital camera is the best?

I have an HP, it's very user friendly and when I had a problem with my old one they (HP, not the store) had no problem replacing it. It takes great pics. too. They have a wide price range also. And... Read More »

Best digital camera brand?

Canon is the best camera brand, in term of overall best camera, you brought a good camera, no need to return.