Best braces color (:?

Answer i have hazel best was pink because it blended in well without making my teeth look yellow...bad colors are white, yellow, red and orange...all make teeth look of any shade ... Read More »

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Gettin color bands on braces changed, wat color should i get?

Get silver because they will match the color of the wire and the brackets. That's the color I've been using for two and a half years now.

How much do braces hurt and what color is the best color?

1. Relax. They're not bad at all. It is uncomfortable to get them on, but they won't hurt for the rest of that day. They will probably hurt a lot for the next 2-6 days. But slowly you get used to t... Read More »

What color should i get for my braces Please Help?

never ever. do two colors, well for me it's corny and childish when i see two colors. a really pretty solid color is "torquiose" i did it and i always get compliments on my braces. i'd even suggest... Read More »

What braces color should I get?

Two colors wold be fun. Try out a few combinations using this color planner:…