Best body shape for women?

Answer Any shape that is healthy for the woman. Personally, I think hourglass figures are more womanly. Or any type of curves. I don't think straight up and down is very appealing, but if that is the case... Read More »

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Why do women with low self esteem and body image issues hate on confident women?

The answer is simply in the question. (: Because they have low self esteem, they feel that confident women are cocky, when they may truly not be cocky. When people have low self esteem or poor view... Read More »

What Body Shape Am I?

wow. u look really athletic and in great shape.

Do you think i have a V shape body ?

It's coming along. You look good - better to see the "V" from the back...If I were you, I would worok on the lats and delts to get more width up top.Nice cuts by the way: you must have a good diet... Read More »

What is my body shape?