Best bluetooth rear view mirror?

Answer dude i'm in the usa, and i got mine from online, for $99, same here i do not buyebay listings which end up to be junk, it comes coveredwith full warranty, so ... Read More »

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What is the best adhesive to reattach the rear view mirror in a car?

Answer I have found that epoxy works well.  (Super glue does not.)

Which Glue Works Best for a Rear View Mirror?

It happens eventually, your car's rear view mirror falls off the windshield while you are driving down the street, or you bump it while getting something from the overhead visor. Over the years, th... Read More »

Does anyone know of the best place to order bluetooth rear-view mirrors from?

had the same problem.. ebay is not really a good source to buy something you want covered under warranty. U can find cheap things, but when u come into problems, forget it.. and most of there produ... Read More »

What do you use to remove rear view mirror glue from the metal slide and the mirror base?

Answer Clean mirror base Place a piece of emery paper on a hard flat surface and rub the mirror base base across the surface