Best anti-virus for windows 7 that is free?

Answer I'm throwing another vote in for Avast's free version. It works better than the paid Norton, McAfee, and most of the more common name brand anti-viruses that you see in your local Best Buy. It's al... Read More »

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Don't you think that Windows should have their own free Anti-Virus?

It would be a good idea...and actually be quite beneficial considering how much we use Microsoft (Excel, Vista and Office)

Best free anti virus software for windows xp?

Sounds more like you have something running in the background hogging the CPU.But to answer your question - I prefer CyberDefender. It provides both AntiVirus and Spyware services and has detecte... Read More »

Does AVG free anti virus detect Windows Defender as a trojan?

It's just a conflict. No need to remove anything that is Microsoft certified.It will happen to any other anti-virus program like Norton, McAfee, avast and so on. It's just business nothing personal... Read More »

Is there a totally free anti-virus program download for Windows 2000?

Download AVG free edition from It wont reduce ur pc's processing speed. For free online scan, visit (Microsoft) and run a "Full Service Scan". This will keep ... Read More »