Best answer for someone who can answer two foundations questions?

Answer in my opinion, L'oreal truematch is nearly fool proof. it blends so easily into the skin and looks very nice on the skin, providing that you are using your color and undertone. when i used it, i wo... Read More »

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Questions about my braces please answer and I will answer yours ! 10pts best answer?

I'm getting my second round of braces off next week so I think I know how you feel. Braces are a long year commitment so it's an over time change. They aren't going to make any noticeable differenc... Read More »

Why can you not get someone in the UK to answer a dispute with 3G to answer your questions and understand what you are trying to tell them?

Can someone help me with some drivers eud questions!! 10 points best answer!?

1. diamond2. slow down3. 8,5004. more than â…“5. 2 seconds6. check in both directions beforeproceeding.7. t-intersections8. roundabouts9. cloverleaf10. complex

Someone help please i need this answer right now asap!! ! 10 POINTS TO GIVES ME THE BEST ANSWER!?

got to ur email, hit compose, click on add attachment and click browse find your document if you saved it then email it back