Best amp for my guitar?

Answer Peavey. here is another site for you to look at, it has the prices on this one, and more of them to show you. Read More »

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Do you need a Guitar Hero guitar grip to play a DS guitar?

The Nintendo DS version of Guitar Hero requires the guitar grip to play the game. The grip provides colored guitar fret buttons. Player play the guitar by pressing the correct colors in unison with... Read More »

Does Guitar Hero guitar controller work with all Guitar Hero games for Xbox 360?

The guitar controller made for the "Guitar Hero" series of games on the Microsoft Xbox 360 works for all games in the series, beginning with "Guitar Hero 2" and continuing through more recent relea... Read More »

What is the best guitar tuner to buy?

Clip-on tuners are great, but they tend not to work as well with lower instruments like bass. As for pedal tuners, there are some great ones out there. I have a Korg Pitchblack and it's been good t... Read More »

The Best Types of Soundboards for a Guitar?

Guitar builders, known in the trade as luthiers, have been working for centuries to find the ultimate soundboard material for acoustic guitars. Today the debate continues unabated. There are severa... Read More »