Best all around picture LCD or Plasma?

Answer I would say LCD, I have one and I really like it. Here are some links for some LCD vs. Plasma reviews if you are interested.

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What kind of tv has the best colour picture, quality, etc plasma lcd dlp?

go for an lcd television which is HD compatible, for a better picture look for a tv with a high contrast ratio! anything above 5000:1 would be a very high quality tv.if ur into films then u can get... Read More »

Which offers the best overall picture quality - high-end Samsung or Panasonic plasma or Samsung LED?

Panasonic Plasma, hands down. Plasma delivers more vivid colors, truer blacks, and deeper contrast to LCD, even LED LCD. Panasonic Viera Plasmas or Pioneer Kuro Elite Plasmas are the go to choice... Read More »

Which TV has better picture LCD or PLASMA?

For 42" screens or larger, plasma is noticeably better. If it's smaller, then LCD is often indistinguishable in overall quality and it's cheaper, more reliable, less likely to experience "image bu... Read More »

Do LED or plasma TVs have better picture quality?

This is entirely based on opinion. However, there are companies that rate the picture quality with sophisticated software that can measure black levels, contrast, color accuracy, white levels, etc.... Read More »