Best Ways to Remove Rust From a Motorbike?

Answer Because a motorbike is exposed to the outdoor elements, rust commonly collects on the bike's frame and on many of its components. Given enough time, the rust will actually penetrate the bike and we... Read More »

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The Best Way to Remove Rust From a Motorbike?

Rust removal is a common challenge to anyone wishing to restore or maintain a motorbike. Metal frames are susceptible to rust, especially if driven in bad weather or stored in a cold, wet environme... Read More »

The Best Ways to Remove Rust & Iron From Blond Hair?

Many men and women with blond hair and well water may experience hair staining. The iron content in the water will cause "rust" stains to turn the hair a brassy orange. Thankfully, the brassy hair ... Read More »

Natural Ways to Remove Rust Stains From Clothing?

Finding a rust stain on your favorite shirt doesn't mean it is time to toss it. Rust stains on clothing are unsightly but they can be removed with some natural solutions. ... Read More »

I am planning a motorbike tour of the US in summer 2010. How much would I pay for a 2nd hand motorbike?

I agree with Mike, there's plenty of GL 1100-1200 Gold Wings around that go for anywhere from $2,500-$4,500 depending upon condition. There's plenty of Honda dealers around so that should help sho... Read More »