Best Ways to Change Eye Color Naturally?

Answer Eye color usually changes naturally as we age, developing into lighter shades for some, and darker shades for others. Besides the color given to you by your genes, there are ways to modify or enhan... Read More »

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Is there a way to naturally change my eye color?

There are fake contact lenses in different colors that can change eye color. Good Luck!

How to Change Eye Color Naturally?

The eye color that we are born with is believed to be the eye color that we are stuck with for life. What many people do not know is that eye color can be changed, not only with surgical procedures... Read More »

Ways to fix nearsightedness naturally Please help me!?

Nearsightedness is due to the physical size and shape of the eyeballs. The length of your eyeballs can increase until your early 20's. There is no way you can change it. It would be like trying to ... Read More »

Ways to improve your vision naturally?

There's such a thing called google. -_-Anyway...Bates Method