Best Way to Put on Cologne?

Answer The most important thing to remember when applying cologne (also known as eau de cologne) is to first choose a fragrance that you and your partner or date can enjoy without it being too overwhelmin... Read More »

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What is the best Axe cologne?

On One Hand: Personal PreferenceAxe body spray cologne comes in eight scents as of 2010. The scents range from heavy and musky to light and citrus-like. Which of these scents is best depends upon y... Read More »

How to Choose the Best Cologne for Men?

best cologne for menNot many men agree when it comes to fragrance, either for themselves or their girlfriends and wives. Some men buy whatever the new stylish designer fragrance of the month might ... Read More »

Best smelling cologne?

first let me say why would ask a girl that . thats like a girl asking you what tampon she should use and not to sound mean but you need to hear this . first off never have just one bottle of smell... Read More »

The Best Way to Apply Cologne?

Colognes and perfumes provide a fragrant accent to your personal presentation. It is best to choose a scent that blends with your body chemistry. If you do not already have a favorite cologne or se... Read More »