Best Way to Clean Car Battery Connections?

Answer Car a little sluggish in the morning? Not turning over the way it used to? Wondering if it is time to purchase a new battery? Before spending money on a new battery, the solution just might be sitt... Read More »

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How to Clean Battery Connections?

Part of the upkeep on a vehicle is keeping the battery in good working order. Since the terminals hook into the car's electrical system and supply power to the starter and other electrical devices,... Read More »

How to Protect Battery Cable Connections?

Your battery cable connections will corrode unless you protect them properly. Corrosion may result in an inadequate connection between the cables and the battery terminals; this can reduce the flow... Read More »

How to Clean Car Battery Terminals?

If your car refuses to start, you may have a costly problem such as a failed starter or alternator. On the other hand, it could be something as simple as the battery failing to initialize properly.... Read More »

How to Clean Up a Car Battery Leak?

Car batteries are rechargeable cells in the lead acid family of batteries. These high-powered batteries are needed to supply the output demand required to start your car. Car batteries sometime lea... Read More »