Best Way To Get Rid Of A Cramped Stomach?

Answer oh baby! drink some ginger ale. or me =) hehehe

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How to Treat a Cramped Muscle?

Cramps are painful spasms in a muscle and are often caused by overuse, dehydration, or nutritional deficiencies. The techniques listed below detail some methods for treating cramped muscles. Any of... Read More »

How to Apply Balm to Cramped Muscles?

Sore muscles are a common side effect of work or play. Correctly applying a soothing balm can help ease the soreness, allowing you to relax.

Will taking the posters off of my walls make my room feel less cramped?

yes it will definitely, I had lots of posters when I was young, and once they were removed the bedroom had more light to it, and it felt larger.go 4 it.

My whole body cramped, causing complete immobility, and felt almost asleep. Anybody know what happened?

Sounds like classic hyponatremia - replenish your electrolytes. Alternate your water intake with sports drinks such as Gatorade.