Best Video Camera and Software for Mac?

Answer My interpretation:You want "professional quality" but are not willing to pay for a professional camcorder. And yet, you are willing to pay for pro-grade video editing. Interesting.You did not tell ... Read More »

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Should i get a video camera or editing software?

well, you need a camera first in order to use the video editing software. I would go with getting a good quality camera then save up if you can and then buy the software.

Which video camera and editing software?

If price is no limit get yourself an awesome Nikon SLR with video recording capability. Then you can switch lenses and do all sorts of stuff. IT will beat any point and shoot camcorder any day.As ... Read More »

Where can I download video recording and camera software?…

How to Capture DSLR Camera to Video Software?

A digital SLR camera (DSLR) is not only capable of capturing still images, but also video files. It then stores these files internally on the camera's memory card. Once you have finished capturing ... Read More »