Best Things For A Sunburn?

Answer i use something called "ocean potion" you can get it at wal*mart,walgreens,and other places like that. it is a green and/or blue gel that you rub on it. then put on some lotion to moisturize it. ib... Read More »

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What's Best For My Sunburn ?

Lidocaine is the best. Aloe is good for healing but the lidocaine cuts the pain. I would use both!

What is the best way to get rid of sunburn?

I got severe sunburn with big blisers. Doc had me soak in Baking soda water in tub. Then after couple of days soak in epsom salts You can use "Foile" burn spray. It works pretty good after the soak... Read More »

Best relief for sunburn?

Noxzema works great. Wait peeing on it doesn't work? WTF why would my Mom say that to me?

What is the best treatment for a sunburn?

Banana Boat make a great lotion called aloe after sun. It is really good. If sun burned, try dabbing cold wet tea bags (lipton tea works the best) on the burned area. The sooner you use the bags, t... Read More »