Best Medicine for muscle pain from exercising Is Ibuproferin (Motrin) good?

Answer Motrin is good and so is Advil soft gel tablets. They get into the system very quickly so the pain relief is faster. Also take a hot bath with 2c. of dissolved Epsom salts and soak for 30 minutes... Read More »

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What medicine is good for muscle spasms?

On One Hand: Zanaflax OralOne common prescription drug for muscle spasms is zanaflax oral. After 164 user reviews on WebMD, zanaflax is given a 3.57 out of 5 possible stars in regards to effectiven... Read More »

What medicine is good for uteral muscle spasms?

On One Hand: Pregnancy-related TreatmentIf uterine, or uteral, spasms (contractions) are related to pre-term pregnancy or the patient recently delivered a baby, a tocolytic drug such as terbutaline... Read More »

Help heel pain when exercising?

I would go to the doctors. Even if it isn't something realy serious, they can still give you a brace or something for it.

Has anyone experienced unusual joint pain or muscle pain while on Lisinopril Mainly in the knees ?

Years ago I was put on a drug, I forget the name of it now, however within a month of taking it I could barely walk. The bones in my feet were aching so much (it was as though my ligaments would s... Read More »