Best D-SLR and compact digital cameras?

Answer The debate between buying a DSLR and a compact or "bridge" digital camera comes down to two things: 1) Sensor size and, 2) The ability to change lenses to suit the conditions.The DSLR wins both poi... Read More »

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Do all compact digital cameras also have video?

no. most of them will have a video feature but at very poor quality, you will be VERY lucky to find one with decent quality. for example my $800 nikon CDC has video, but its almost useless becaus... Read More »

What is the difference between an SLR digital camera and a compact digital with manual exposure control?

Answer Principle difference is "through-the-lens" framing and focus. Naturally you can control depth of field, light levels, focus, etc with both units, but with the SLR you see these changes befor... Read More »

Cameras using Compact Flash Cards?

Compact system cameras review?

It is clear from your requests of a camera that you have not done much research* You cannot film using a digital camera. It can only shoot video* Fisheye lenses are only available for dSLR cameras... Read More »