Best Beer?

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Which beer is the best?

I won't list Bud since it is obviously the favorite here but already listed many times. My list is varied but by no means complete. Let us just agree that my list is awesome apropos to the question... Read More »

Whast the best beer?

Yo Bigman you need to learn how to spell before you criticize anyone else, you spelled offense wrong, I'm Sure it was a typo Moron !!! And you started out saying number one, Well wheres the number ... Read More »

What is the best beer?

Ask Homer Simpson he knows all about MIRACLE LIQUID.

What's the best beer in the world?

a few nights ago they held the beer world cup in britan. the beer that won, ie; the best beer in the world was, Coopers Sparkiling ale ( an Australian beer ). But my favirout is another Australian ... Read More »