Best Actuarial Science Undergraduate Programs?

Answer Some of best undergraduate actuarial science academic programs are housed in the country's most renowned business schools. With rigorous curricula featuring courses like fundamentals of actuarial s... Read More »

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Actuarial Science Degree Programs?

Actuarial science is a method of using financial, business and statistical knowledge to determine risk. Actuaries evaluate the possibility of things that might happen and figure out ways to prevent... Read More »

Actuarial Master's Programs?

Actuaries must have knowledge of business, finance and statistics to assess and manage risk. After analyzing a company's data to determine potential problems and costs, an actuary will devise plans... Read More »

Who invented actuarial science?

In 1671, Johan de Witt, a mathematician and politician from Holland, first applied mathematics to chance and probability to annuities. The title of his work was, "The Worth of Life Annuities Compar... Read More »

Actuarial Science Degrees?

Actuarial science degrees focus on statistical and mathematical risk analysis. An actuary evaluates financial consequences of future events, with an emphasis on ensuring cost reduction and damage c... Read More »