Best Acne Skin Care Products?

Answer Acne is almost a rite of passage for many of us in our teenage years. If you are lucky, the problem will clear up by the time you are a young adult, but some continue to experience this skin proble... Read More »

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Best Acne Products for Sensitive Skin? classifies acne according to two types: noninflammatory and inflammatory. Noninflammatory acne appears in the form of "whiteheads" or "blackheads." Both are bumps that rise above the skin'... Read More »

The Best Skin Care Products for Colored Skin?

Skin of color has specific needs because of its susceptibility to certain skin care conditions. Ailments such as eczema, keloid scarring, and ashy skin are more commonly diagnosed in pigmented skin... Read More »

The Best Skin Care Products?

Skin is the most exposed organ on the body. Take care of your skin by preventing sun damage and wrinkles with a daily sunscreen. Make sure to treat acne with a cleanser that gets rid of bacteria an... Read More »

The Best & Safest Skin Care Products?

According to the "The Body Book- Recipes For Natural Body Care," the best and safest skin care products are those that you make at home, from fresh ingredients in your own kitchen. You can design y... Read More »