Besides hotdogs, what kind of food is Chicago known for?

Answer PIZZA, they have the BEST in the world. Thers so many great foods in Chicago...Iltalan Beef, Gyros, the great pizza puff lol I love Mr. Beff by harlem

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What kind of food is Italy known for?

Italy has a rich and diverse cuisine that varies greatly according to region, but the country is best known for its pasta. Northern Italy is famous for risotto and fresh pasta, while southern Italy... Read More »

What Food Is Portland Known For?

Portland is best know for it's steaks.The meat here is the best you'll love the flavor !!!It's sooo good in the back of your throat as it goes down...mmmm...yumm.You have to be here to know where t... Read More »

What food is Indianapolis is known for?

How can everyone not mention Breaded Pork Tenderlions? You'll never forgive yourself if you visit Indiana and not try one. There are many places around Indy the say th have the best and they are al... Read More »

What Kind of Rabbits Are Known to Stay Together?

All rabbits in the Leporidae family of mammals congregate together into groups. Some rabbit species, such as the European rabbit, gather in large numbers, while other rabbit species only assemble f... Read More »