Besides going to see a doctor, does anyone know how I would go about removing a wood splinter from my finger?

Answer not really much you can do at this point besides seek medical attention-your body would have already removed it by itself. do NOT try to "fish or dig" it out on your own-you could push the splinter... Read More »

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Removing a splinter from a toddler?

Wash your hands and wash off her foot. Make sure you sterilize whatever you are using; I usually burn it by putting the tweezers or needle over an open flame. What you don't want to happen is have ... Read More »

How should I get a splinter out of my finger?

Act like your popping a pimple but to a spilter to squeeze it out

How do I get a splinter out of my finger?

Well it sounds like it's gonna be painful either way. Use sterile tweezers, but I'd say best visit a doctor and let him get it out, he'll at least have local anaesthetic and antibiotics if you need... Read More »

I got a splinter in my finger will i die?

Yes. And since this was asked 3 days ago, I'm going to assume you have already passed.R.I.P.