Besides YA what web page do you check the most?

Answer What? There are other sites on the web? OMG, who knew???? When I got this thing, they told me the Internet was just for down loading porn. So I typed in a question about porn and it asked me if... Read More »

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How to Check a Web Page for a Virus?

When surfing the Web, you may come across websites that you are not familiar with or one of your favorite websites may be exhibiting strange problems. If you are unsure of whether or not a Web page... Read More »

How to Check Your Google Page Rank with PRChecker?

Google Page Rank is a measure from 0 - 10 of how important Google thinks a webpage is. 10/10 is very important and 0/10 is not very important.

Check print cartridge light on and don't know how to fix do not have alignment page?

Most likely is that your cartridge is not installed right. Just pull out and be sure doesn't have any plastic labels on the bottom where the ink comes out. Set it right and see if it works. Some ti... Read More »

I keep getting the following error message: page requested not found ...check the url. what should i do and?

URL is the address of a web site eg: are probably typing in a URL that dosent exist - thus page requested not found.Type in the correct URL.