Besides YA what web page do you check the most?

Answer What? There are other sites on the web? OMG, who knew???? When I got this thing, they told me the Internet was just for down loading porn. So I typed in a question about porn and it asked me if... Read More »

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Besides salt and pepper what spices do you use most often?

What form of poor hygiene grosses you out the most, besides not bathing or taking a shower?

I most definitely agree with you. I can't stand it when people don't brush their teeth. Their breath smells horrible and their teeth start turning yellow. It's like the grossest form of bad hygene. >_

I keep getting the following error message: page requested not found ...check the url. what should i do and?

URL is the address of a web site eg: are probably typing in a URL that dosent exist - thus page requested not found.Type in the correct URL.

Besides David Lee Roth, who is the most influential musician of the past 30 years?

Lemmy from Motorhead.And an honorable mention to,Tom Gabriel Fischer from Celtic Frost.