Besides Y!A, alcohol and inhalants, what makes the work day more tolerable for you?

Answer Taking pictures of co-workers when they don't know and posting it in FB to ridicule gets me by.But my number one priority has turned into making a creep-show-junkyard-face's existence a living HELL... Read More »

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Why is one of my hands more tolerable to pain?

Depending on what hand you use most, the pain varies. I am right handed and even when I'm using the mouse a lot, I sit on my left hand so it's less active. So for me, my right hand can take more pa... Read More »

What are the dangers of inhalants?

Inhalants abuse involves inhaling chemicals from fumes, vapors or gas to get high. Many people use common household items like cooking sprays, bleach or pain thinner. This practice can lead to a nu... Read More »

How to Stop Using Inhalants?

There are some drugs that are very common such as alcohol, tobacco, and even caffeine. Humans use these daily. Then there are ones that are not so great. Among them are crack cocaine, ecstasy, and ... Read More »

How to Make Growing Out Hair Tolerable?

If you have a short hairstyle, such as a pixie cut or a bob, growing your hair into a longer style can be a long and irksome process. While your hair is in the in-between stage, where it is too lon... Read More »