Besides Steak/Chicken what food is good with Rice?

Answer All Vegetables except for tomatoes........hmmmmm wait no maybe tomatoes........argh haha........

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Besides Burgers/Chicken what food is good with French Fries?

Steak.Hot DogsCheese ( Cheesy fries)Fried Egg and Baked BeansAny type of Fish.Chip SandwichMeat PieSausagesScampi (battered shrimp)Prawns

Rice with Chicken Rice with Shrimp Or Rice with Broccoli Which from this list do u like better?

What do you do with the leftover rice from Chinese Food?

fry some veggies and put them in your rice

What is the name of the favorite Spanish food made in a shallow pan with rice?

Paella is the popular Spanish dish made with rice in a round shallow pan with two handles called a "paellera" in which the dish is then served. Every cook has her own paella recipe, but it is gener... Read More »