Besides St. John's Wort, what are good herbal antidepressants?

Answer First of all the best advice I ever heard was "depression is suppressed anger". Sometimes talking to someone you trust can be a good place to start either friend, counselor, clergy, or just scream... Read More »

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Is 150mg of st johns wort effective?

"In 2002, an interesting study in JAMA examined the effect of St. John’s Wort on depression and also seemed to confirm Kirsch’s results (2002, Vol. 287, p. 1807). The authors found that on most... Read More »

Does St Johns wort work?

St. Johns Wort is widely recognized for its ability to safely and naturally support positive emotional health.* Extracts of the medicinal plant St. Johns Wort (SJW) have been reported to exert anti... Read More »

What is a good herbal medicine for diabeties?

do breathing excercise called kapalbhati for 10-15 minutes early morning before eating anything and also in the eveningfor 10-15 minutes.this excercise is have to pull your stomach muscl... Read More »

What are herbal red marine algae good for?

Red marine algae are seaweeds native to the waters of southwestern Ireland. They are highly nutritious, containing an abundance of readily absorbable calcium, selenium, magnesium and many other tra... Read More »