Besides Oil Pressure, What Other Problems Come From Overfilling the Oil in a Car?

Answer A car's engine lubrication system is a complex piece of engineering that must be maintained to ensure a long service life. While it is widely known that low oil is bad for the engine, many people d... Read More »

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Besides pointing the showerhead at it, what other ways can I keep my shower curtain from ballooning in on me?

Install a shower stall with a glass door, and don't forget that swing you're always wishing for.

What Other Punishments Can Schools Dish Out to Kids for Behavior Problems Aside From Citations & Fs?

Educators and school administrators must learn how to administer creative consequences and punishments for undesirable behavior. Issuing failing grades and academic warnings may work for a portion ... Read More »

What do ladybugs eat besides other bugs?

They, and their larvae are voracious predators of green and black aphids. They are a great help to gardeners

What other healthy drinks besides water?

Cranberry juice :) its really good for the urinary tract and it prevents kidney stones... I like freezing it and drinking it... Lol or sometimes just adding a shot of vidka lol... But it goes down ... Read More »