Besides Ketchup, what cab you dip fries into?

Answer My nephew likes to dip his fries in his chocolate shake. Go figure ~

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Cheese Chili Gravy Ketchup Or other on your French Fries?

tried burger sauce last night!!! mmmmmmm finger licking gooodHUMOUS though if im in a healthy mood

Why is ketchup good on french fries but not on mashed potatoes ?

French fries is salty so it's good to even it out with ketchup that's sweet.Mashed potatoes are sweet, so it's better with gravy that's saltier.

Words associated with mustard ketchup fries sausage and fast food?

burgers, obesity, heart disease, high cholesterol, grease, nasty, american, fatty, unhealthy, not-as-good-as-japanese-food, old, over-rated, disgusting, but, still, so, DELICIOUS!, must, resist, th... Read More »

Gyro with Fries Chicken Fingers with Fries Or Fillet Of Fish with Fries Which do u like better?