Benefits of having a disabled or special needs child in pre-school setting?

Answer Because mean kids are mean kids and call everyone retarded.

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How would you organise your provision to facilitate access for a disabled child or one with special needs?

What do the children with special needs gain from being in a mainstream setting or school?

Like any other child? Why treat the child any differently because he or she has a disability. That would be discrimination.

In Texas can achild receive disability benefits from a disabled parent as well as child support?

Can a 21-year-old brother take custody of a child whose father is diseased and lives with a disabled grandmother that has no income in the child's best interests for school behavior and discipline?

Answer If the grandmother has no income, I must wonder by what means she supports herself. If you mean that she is of low income, that should have no real bearing. Many children of poverty-level ... Read More »