Benefits of Rose-Water?

Answer .I use rose water on my face every morning. It keeps the skin wonderfully soft and supple and gives it a naturally healthy glow.In the summer I make my own from rose petals, but I also buy it al... Read More »

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What Are the Benefits of Rose Hip Oil on the Complexion?

Rose hips are the pods left after rose petals fall off of the flower. The oil that results, called rose hip oil, is chock full of essential fatty acids, which are extremely beneficial for the skin.... Read More »

Is Sparkling water as good for someone as regular water What are the benefits of Mineral water?

Sparkling water aids digestion by promoting peristalsis. The benefits of mineral water are the minerals themselves. Our soil base had been significantly depleted of minerals for the better part of ... Read More »

What Are the Benefits of Rose Hip Seed Oil on Scars?

Rose hip seed oil is also known as rosa mosqueta and is the cold pressed oil from the seeds from the berries of a wild rose bush from the southern Andes in South America. It is a great conditioner... Read More »

What are the Benefits of Rose Hips in Soap?

Ground rose hips added to soap offer a natural exfoliate. Essential oils extracted from the seeds within the hips and added to soap bestow numerous restorative benefits. Does this... Read More »