Benadryl help please.?

Answer You are going to be fine. Yes you did take a very large dose, you are probably going to be very sleepy. I would go to a clinic and be monitored, but you will probably be told that you will be oka... Read More »

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Can you put benadryl cream on your dog?

Can you take Benadryl and Tylenol PM together?

this isn't a question you should not ask here because i could tell you the wrong answer and it could kill you. I would call the local 24 hour pharmacy and ask a pro

Itchy Dog & Benadryl?

Veterinarians often prescribe over-the-counter antihistamines such as Benadryl to their canine patients for itch relief, according to Mar Vista Animal Medical Center in Los Angeles. While Benadryl ... Read More »

Can you take Benadryl and Singulair together?

On One Hand: Combining is SafeAccording to RxList, Benadryl acts to block the receptors for histamine in your body, and Singulair acts to block an inflammatory chemical in your body known as a leuk... Read More »