Belly up to the bar boys (or girls)!!!! What'll you have?

Answer Can I get a Red Death, Some liquid cocaine, a mind eraser, 4 horsemen, a straight shot of Tequila and a Corona with LimeAnd a taxiand an IV

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You have six children (3 girls and 3 boys) and you have to name them using these names?

Not following my rule of naming kids names that have v's in them all of this time.Ivy Amelia- That is my daughters name! I kind of have to put it down. Violet Jane- This name may be one of my twins... Read More »

Girls: is it normal to have hair in the lower belly part?

yes it is normal but you can shave it off when you are shaving your legs

Why do girls have have babies and boys don't?

Girls have the eggs and the boys have the sperm. Girls are designed for it and boys aren't. Because that's the way we have evolved.

Do you have to pay for trading spaces boys vs girls?