Belly Button Ring Information?

Answer Belly-button, or navel piercing, is one of the most popular body piercings, especially among young women. Unlike facial and ear piercings, this type can be easily hidden unless the wearer decides t... Read More »

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Belly button ring help!!?

Don't worry you won't have to take it off. Just make sure you clean it really well with your sea salt soaks. The crusts are actually good of you didn't know. Your body is pushing out bad bacteria i... Read More »

How often can a belly button ring be changed?

On One Hand: Healed Navel PiercingsOnce the piercing is healed the jewelry can be changed as many times as the client wishes. A healed navel, or belly button, piercing allows limitless jewelry inse... Read More »

How to Swim With a New Belly Button Ring?

Belly button piercings have become very popular lately, but they can take quite a long time to heal. If you do not care for them properly, this time can be extended due to infection. A new belly bu... Read More »

Tips on Getting a Belly Button Ring?

Piercing your belly button is a big decision. Once you have decided to go ahead with it, you'll need to find a professional piercer so your belly button ring can be inserted safely and properly. On... Read More »