Belly Button Piercing Pain?

Answer red and swollen = irritated or infected. Both very common side effects of putting holes in your body.Keep the wound clean and use an atibiotic cream. Better the hole closes over than an infection... Read More »

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How to Visually Imitate a Belly Button Piercing Without Actual Piercing?

This is a guide on how to create the look of a belly button piercing with non-piercing body jewelery, and also, on how to make non-piercing body jewelery. This information is useful for teenagers w... Read More »

How to Get a Belly Button Piercing?

Consult a licensed or well-apprenticed piercer for advice on whether your belly button will accommodate a piercing. He or she will decide how well your tissue will hold a ring in place. Confirm tha... Read More »

Should i get a belly button piercing?

no its out of style and looks plain sleazy now. plus how often do you show your stomach. and is it worth the risks of infection and pulling it and stuff. even britney spears doesnt have hers pierce... Read More »

How to ... Belly button piercing ?

Piercing kits from Amazon aren't any more safe than doing it with household items. You're not doing it in a sterile area. You don't have the proper tools, nor training to determine placement, depth... Read More »