Being referred to an orthopaedic sureon?

Answer In the area you describe, I would look for a condition called cubital tunnel syndrome. It is like carpal tunnel, except it is compression of a different nerve, the ulnar nerve, at the inside of you... Read More »

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PLEASE... is it orthopedic or orthopaedic?

Both are correct. Orthopaedic is the English spelling of the word, but is used quite a bit in the US too because people think it looks cool. They both have the same exact definition and you could... Read More »

If adoption were referred to as...?

I just wanted to add that a previous answerer said that the child might not get a 'forever family' but still experiences the gut wrenching loss--This is true...but then, how could you call adoption... Read More »

Who is often referred to as the father of due process?

Are Tim Tam's referred to as an "Aussie Icon"?

It was introduced in 1964 in australia by ian norris, i think he isthe founder of arnots. I don't think it is an 'aussie icon' though