Being referred to an orthopaedic sureon?

Answer In the area you describe, I would look for a condition called cubital tunnel syndrome. It is like carpal tunnel, except it is compression of a different nerve, the ulnar nerve, at the inside of you... Read More »

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My doctor referred to my ovaries as being polycystic but I have no symptoms of PCOS besides cysts?

The symptoms of Poly-cystic Ovaries are,â—‹ Irregular or absent menstrual periods.â—‹ Infertility.â—‹ Weight gain.â—‹ Abnormal growth of hair, especially on the face and trunk.â—‹ Deepening of the ... Read More »

PLEASE... is it orthopedic or orthopaedic?

Both are correct. Orthopaedic is the English spelling of the word, but is used quite a bit in the US too because people think it looks cool. They both have the same exact definition and you could... Read More »

Is being very tired eating a lot being sick and having headaches signs of being pregnant?

Answer Yes, those can all be symptoms of pregnancy. Take a home test or go see a doctor to find out for sure.

Why are naval ships referred to as she?

Ships have long been referred to as a she, even when the ship's name is masculine. The relationship between those who sail the seas and the ships is a unique interdependent one where the ship is mo... Read More »