Being professional in a dental office?

Answer Just me offered a good suggestion about continuing a conversation instead of just answering a question. That's usually a good way to prevent from sounding curt.I'm a third year dental student, and... Read More »

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Should I get professional dental surgery now or get dental surgery at a dental school a week from now?

You are in good hands at USC School of Dentistry. Students are overseen by several dental instructors and professionals. There are clinics available that do extractions at lower costs.*Please refer... Read More »

Do all dental assistants also work as a receptionist at the dental office?

I went to school for dental assisting, also. In my class, the teacher touched on a bit of everything from front desk and insurance to impressions and sterilization. Some offices have assistants who... Read More »

Can i upgrade from office 2000 professional to office 2003 standard?

On One Hand: Office 2000 Professional is UpgradableMicrosoft certifies that Office 2000 Professional is upgradable to Office 2003 Standard using the correct upgrade disc and licenses. Microsoft pro... Read More »

Can I Update MS Office Professional Edition to MS Office 2007?

You may upgrade any Professional edition of Microsoft Office dating from 2000 until XP to certain editions of Microsoft Office 2007. You may also upgrade Office 2007 Professional to the Ultimate ed... Read More »