Behind my canine tooth its swollen?

Answer Chupacabraitis

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Can a canine tooth get back in position by itself?

Only if you tell it "sit, stay". XDI think you should consult a dentist about your question, I don't think anybody on here can give you a proper answer without actually inspecting the tooth.

Your cheeks are swollen from tooth extraction but why?

It could be because of the numbing injection they gave you

Wisdom tooth & swollen lymph node?

Wisdom tooth appearance will hurt but the swollen lymlph node under your jaw you should have it X-RAY sometimes it could be an infection but to make sure i would have it check out remember you need... Read More »

If you have a tooth infection and have been taking antibiotics for a day is it normal for it to still be swollen?

Answer Yes, but if it doesn't get better in another two or three days, call your doctor and let them know.