Behind my canine tooth its swollen?

Answer Chupacabraitis

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I have swelling behind my tooth last tooth... could it be a wisdom tooth?

What about a Mandibular tooth coming in behind another tooth - both deciduous?

The tooth that is coming in behind the mandibular tooth is not deciduous, it will be a permanent tooth. These permanent mandibular teeth should be coming in anywhere from 6-10 years of age.

What do you do in the case of an adult tooth growing in behind the baby tooth before it has fallen out?

Answer Most of the time the baby tooth will fall out eventually. If it doesn't seem to be getting loose, it should be removed by a dentist so it doesn't cause adult teeth to be crowded or crooked.

Pain behind my molars. It's not wisdom teeth and it's not behind the tooth.?

It could be just a mouth blister, but it also might be your wisdom teeth. But you're 14, so I don't think it's your wisdom tooth, since they come in at the age of 17-21 ( not the exact age though )... Read More »